Bike Tow Leash - Orange - Dog Bicycle Leash

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 Looking for a fun and healthy activity to do with your dog? Give biking a try with the 1-Running Dog Bike Tow Leash! This product will have you exercising right alongside your pup. Your dog will always be a safe, comfortable distance from your bike. The flexibility of the leash will keep your dog from jerking a tipping the bike over during your exercise session. A healthier lifestyle for you and your pup will be more fun with the 1-Running Dog Bike Tow Leash. 1-Running Dog Bike Tow Leash isn't just for bicycles. This leash works great with electric mobility scooters (ECVs), manual wheelchairs, powerchairs, and even trikes. Everyone needs to be able to take their dog for a walk, and this attachment is a great tool to help meet that need. Experience a stroll through a park with your dog with the 1-Running Dog Bike Tow Leash. The Bike Tow Leash was created with safety in mind. The American Pet Association (APA) approves this product, giving it a 5 Star status. When used properly, this product is safe for you and your dog. Each dog owner knows their dog's behavior. The owner is responsible for determining if their pet is behaved enough to use the 1-Running Dog Bike Tow Leash. This product is not recommended for uncontrollable or unruly dogs, especially as a restraint device. Remember to exercise your pet safely with the weather and her physical condition in mind.

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