Balance Systems Coldflex Vet-Wrap - 3 In X 72 In

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Self-cooling, self-adhesive compression wrap aids in reducing swelling and
pain, and relieving injuries such as bucked shins, hematomas, arthritis,
sprains, strains, tendon injuries, stocking up and more. Works by removing
heat from the body; reducing internal temperature within the treated area by
up to 30. The gel-imbedded wrap evaporates water to pull out body heat while
providing moist, penetrating, deep-cooling action with compression that
reduces and prevents edema. Provides a safer therapy than forcing cold in as
ice treatments do. Will not damage surface muscles while reaching deeper
tissues. Begins working within 10-30 min after application. Cooling effect
lasts for several hours after wrap is removed. 96% water base (not alcohol)
makes it irritation-free; will not burn or sting even on abraded skin or eyes.
Requires only cool water to regenerate - no mess, no wait, no hassle. Form-
fitting and flexible, made of stretchable polyurethane foam; can wrap any area
of the hoof, leg, forearm or hock. Reusable dozens of times. Use anywhere,
anytime; no refrigeration required. Ideal for trail rides, endurance rides and
camping expeditions. Use before strenuous exercise to keep swelling out and
tighten muscles. Can be left on overnight. Non-sterile, non-toxic,
biodegradable. Originally developed for military and hospital use, now
extremely popular with equine athletes. 3" x 72" ideal for horses, including
draft size. Blue.
  • Aids in reducing swelling and pain, and relieving injuries;
  • Pulls body heat out while providing moist, penetrating, deep-cooling action;
  • Reduces internal temperature;
  • Cooling effect lasts for several hours;
  • Reusable up to 25 times.
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