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 Dog exerciser and dog-powered bicycle in one! This wonderful new dog bicycle attachment is extremely stable and easy to use, and it can even allow your dog to propel you! The Bike Tow Leash (or BTL) dog bicycle attachment was invented by entrepreneur Mike Leon, who is well versed in both dog behavior and engineering. The bike dog leash was born of necessity, as Mike wanted to a better way to exercise the guide dogs that he raises. The Bike Tow Leash is superior to any dog bike attachment available because it allows the dog to propel the bicycle (if you wish) and avoid obstacles. It is also easy to install and extremely stable. Even if your dog stops to potty suddenly, you will not be knocked over! Quote from Matt Kasprzyk of Bicycle Times Magazine: "What I found most impressive is the ability of the leash to keep the dog away from the bike, with enough flexibility to avoid small obstacles and adjust position [...] The leash installed easily without tools on almost all of the bikes taking over my dining room, including hardtail mountain bikes, road and cyclocross bikes. Full-suspension mountain bikes are the only ones that created any conflict. [...] It safely kept my dog in a proper heel position to the side of the bike. I was able to easily observe his condition and position while riding, and even after Zero abruptly stopped a few times to relieve himself, he didnt get tangled with the bike or injured." Sizing and Use: The Bike Tow Leash mast adjusts to fit all dog heights. It works best with bikes with fat tires. The BikeTowLeash can be used on adult tricycles as well. The Bike Tow Leash is best used off road since unpaved ground is easiest on the dog's joints. You can attach the Bike Tow Leash to your dog's flat collar or a harness. We recommend a harness as it is gentler on your dog's neck. Only bike with your dog after consulting your veterinarian. (This is very important!) 

  • Your dog will learn to use the Bike Tow Leash quickly and will enjoy the freedom to run at his own pace. If your dog wants to go faster than you can pedal
  • you can allow him to propel your bike. Instead of holding your dog back, let him take you for a ride.
  • Proven safe. The Bike Tow Leash's unique patented mast prevents the bike from tipping when the dog pulls, reduces any jolts and gently trains your dog to stay in heel position. The resilient mast will allow your dog to catch up when you turn away, no
  • Great for fun, exercise and exploration. The Bike Tow Leash will allow you to exercise your dog in less time while covering the same or even more distance! Imagine going more places with your dog as exercise partner and companion: trail rides, campin
  • The Bike Tow Leash installs and removes in about a minute without tools. Move it from bicycle to bicycle or simply clip it to the back of your seat out of the way when riding without your dog. Made in the USA and patent pending.
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