Can-c Eye-drops Two Boxes: Contains Four 5ml Vials

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Can C Eye Drops: The Non-Surgical Cataract Treatment

Can-C eye drops are the original N-acetylcarnosine (often shorted to NAC) eye drop formula developed by the patent holders Innovative Vision Products (IVP) to reverse senile cataracts. Cataract surgery is the most commonly performed operation in the world with over 1.5 operations in the USA alone every year. Although generally safe there is still a complication rate of 30 to 50% of patients who develop opacification of the posterior lens capsule within two years and require further lazer treatment. Can-C cataract eye drops have helped thousands of people reverse their cataracts without surgery, leaving the natural lens in place rather than an artificial one.

How Can-C Drops Work To Cure Cataracts

Can-C contains a special analogue of the di-peptide carnosine, a naturally occurring nutrient that combines two amino acids or protein fragments. This particular form is known as N-acetylcarnosine or NAC and is the main ingredient due to its potency at mopping up free radicals, the root cause of tissue damage, accelerated aging in the body and cataracts.Cataracts are caused by the process of cross linking or glycosylation, as we age our natural anti-oxidant defense against glycosylation declines, leading to the eye lens to harden and discolour over the course of a lifetime.Other forms of carnosine are broken down by naturally occurring enzymes in the eye, but the researchers at IVP found that the N-acetylcarnosine form is highly resilient and conveys the L-carnosine directly to the aqueous humor. Once in the fluid it provides the lens proteins with complete anti-oxidant protection against oxidation caused by free radicals.Human trials on people suffering from senile cataract, using a twice daily dose of Can-C for six months showed the following remarkable results:88.9 per cent of patients had improved glare sensitivity90 per cent reported improved visual acuity  clearer and sharper visionPerhaps most significantly, 41 per cent of patients experienced a significant improvement in lens transmissivity.And whilst the patients were taking the NAC carnosine eye drops, Dr Babizhayev the lead researcher at IVP noted that there was no recurrence of cataract.

Using Can-C Eye drops

Can-C eye drops have been shown to have measurable affects within only 1-month of use, but for maximum efficacy, it is recommended that administration continue for 3-5 months. N-actylcarnosine works best the sooner it is used after a cataract is detected.Typical courses of treatment are:Two drops twice a day in one eye meaning 2 bottles (1 box) will last a month2 drops twice a day in two eyes meaning 2 bottles (1 box) will last about 2 and a half weeks.Senile cataracts are an on-going aging disorder so N-acetylcarnosine may be required on a regular basis to help maintain the eye's natural anti-oxidant defences, so a maintenance dose of 1 drop twice a day in both eyes is highly recommended and one box would last a month.

Can-C the tried and tested alternative to Cataract Surgery

Can-C is the only patented NAC eye drops for cataract, the only carnosine eye drops that use the exact formula that was used in both the animal and human trials. They are the first and only proven N-actylcarnosine eye drops that offer a cost effective, non-invasive alternative to cataract surgery. 

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