TimTam PowerMassager Pro – Handheld Percussion Massager

sku 6Y-EGV5-3N6W
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TIMTAM POWERMASSAGE PRO  HANDHELD PERCUSSION MASSAGER  DEEP TISSUE MUSCLE RECOVERY GUN  PERSONAL THERAPY MASSAGING DEVICE FOR RELIEF  WORKOUT TOOL FOR ATHLETES AND SPORTS The PowerMassager PRO is an ultra-sophisticated therapy device taking modern recovery to the next level of recovery performance. For an optimal recovery experience, the PRO has three preset deep tissue levels and a total of five massage modes. In addition to featuring antimicrobial plastic surfaces to prevent cross contamination between users, the PRO offers a one-touch trigger and 175-degree adjustable head for total self-body use. The LED display provides basic information that also serves as a message center, capturing the health of your muscles via the temperature sensor built into the device! The PowerMassager Pro is the most powerful device on the market with an almost silent sound profile. Includes AC wall charger and rechargeable lithium ion battery.

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