Bigg Lugg 2 Belt Clip Tool Holding System with 3 Bungee-Balls BL2-3BM

sku VL-4MM2-P1RU
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From the Manufacturer Bigg Lugg 2 is a unique new design to support power tools and other items from your belt. A Bungee-Ball is wraped around the tool and fastened by slipping the bungee over the ball and collar fixed to the top of the bungee. The ball is then hooked into the belt clip. The belt clip has a 1 3/4" diameter rubberiezed pad keep the clip in place a provide a comfortable support for the tool. Bungee-Balls stay on the tool, 3 Bungee-Balls are included with the belt clip. This unique design allows the Bigg Lugg 2 to be used for more than just cordless drills, it is ideal for pnumatic tools, saws and elctric drills. It can also be used for non powertool items such as paintball guns, paint sprayers and water bottles. When a tool is not hooked on the belt clip the clip will not hook on obstructions you are walking near like with the traditional hook type belt clips. Additional Bungee-Balls can be purchased in packages of 5, part number BM-5. Look for the ladder lugg system that will allow the Bungee-Balls to hooked on the side of step or extension ladders.
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