Pump Sentry 1622- Emergency Power for Sump Pumps by Sec America

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1622PS Pump Sentry is among the most advanced and reliable sump pump emergency battery backup systems available. It interfaces between a pump and its AC wall outlet. When AC utility power is present, the 1622PS charges a battery and channels power from the wall outlet to the pump while monitoring that wall outlet for power outage. At the moment utility power fails, the 1622PS substitutes its own generated AC power necessary for pump operation by converting energy from the battery. When utility power is restored, the 1622PS automatically switches the pump back to the AC wall outlet's power. At the same time the 1622PS resumes the charging of the battery to return it to full capacity in preparation for the next power failure.


  • Rugged Aluminum Housing
  • Power Output Indicator
  • Battery Charge State Indicators
  • Battery Replace Indicator
  • 42A Start Current Capacity (3 seconds)
  • Low battery audible alarm
  • Battery Cables Included
  • Compact Size
  • For Wall Mount or Surface Mount Installation
  • 2 year Factory Warranty
  • Made and Serviced in the USA


  • Operates Common AC Pumps
  • Instant Automatic Power Transfer
  • Supports Full Pump Capacity
  • Does Not Occupy Sump Pit Space
  • Easy Installation- No Extra Plumbing or Wiring
  • Silent and Clean Operation
  • Monitors Battery and Power Line
  • 10 year life expectancy
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