Feather Duo Stackable FeatherBoard Table Saw Router Table High Density Foam Kit, 90 Pounds Pressure, Reversible, Replacement Fingers FP3

sku Z8-EV89-E4EM
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The FeatherPRO is a uniquely designed hold-down utilizing strong, non-marring EVA high density foam that is coupled with a living hinge for better control. High density foam feathers absorb vibration to minimize chatter or chatter marks for a cleaner cut. FeatherPRO Feathers are thicker and have a greater surface contact area, which disperses the tension over a wider area, while the high density foam material and living hinge combination results in a smooth glide and greater control. The FeatherPRO Stackable Kit gives you two sets of Standard Feather components, two sets of Ultralight Feather components, two separate feather holders and two complete sets of mounting hardware.
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